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Let her sleep...

This child of ours is hilarious even when she SLEEPS     I can't make these up &   I promise we did teach her how to sleep in a big girl bed.  I'm so saving these to give her husband one day. Than man is going to need to sleep with his armor on!
TODAY: I found this boy giving himself a house tour     This means that I will lose my last 11 pounds, right??   {8 MONTH UPDATE COMING SOON}

Where were you?

I was just waking up getting ready for another day of high school when my mom came running in my room. She turned my TV on and did her best to keep her cool as she told me that she thinks our country is under attack. I didn't know what she was talking about. Weren't wars something that happened back in the day? We saw the planes crash into the World Trade Center and then minutes after heard about 2 more crashes. I had never even heard of the World Trade Center before September 11, 2001. My heart sank thinking about what was happening and it infuriated me that there were terrorists in our country, killing our people. I will never forget the passion that rose up in me that day. Passion for this great land, compassion for my fellow Americans who were Heroes that day as they took 2 planes down in hopes of saving the White House and thousands more as they crashed into a field in Pennsylvania and the incredible oneness we all felt with our neighbors. I have never experienced such u

more than "just a mom"

Being a mom is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Well, aside from my prince charming asking me to marry him and sharing my life with him. After all, none of this would be possible without him! :) I'm a stay at home mom. It's awesome but the hardest job out there as far as I'm concerned. Most days are pretty sweet but there are those days that make you want to pull your hair out, eat all the chocolate in California and change your name from mommy to a lady named Sally who isn't in charge of the crazy kids and doesn't have to be part of the fits and the house which looks like a hurricane just blew through. I am totally guilty of yelling at my 2.5 year old for using up half of the hand soap in the bathroom during one hand washing session because she wanted to do it herself while I was out in the kitchen making dinner. I'm also guilty of shaking my finger at my sweet girl and telling her to not touch her hair bow again or else mommy will

New chapter in our life.

My baby big girl started school today. Just Preschool but still, it's a big deal in our house! Her first question to me this morning as we were getting ready was, 'hey mom...where's my school but?' (aka, bus). I told her that I am her own personal school bus. She seemed disappointed and assured me that she needed a but to pick her up from her house. Did I mention that she is little miss. independent? I made her favorite breakfast this morning and then we were off! We got to her school this morning and all I heard from the back seat was... "woohoo!" "yeah!" "that's my school!" It made my mommy heart so happy that she was so stoked to go to school. We had meet the teacher last week so she knew exactly where she was going today and couldn't wait to see Mint Jelly (aka, Mrs. Shelly)  I had all my paperwork and camera set to go and then I went to the back seat to get her sweet little baby bro


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