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...and then the light bulb went on

This morning I was making Will a bottle, which I do multiple times a day and as always he was watching me make it and started freaking out. He kicks his legs, throws his arms up and starts whining as if he is starving and thinks I'm going to forget to give him the bottle that I'm making.  I smiled and told him it would be just a minute.  And then it hit me. That is totally how the Lord is with us. Something in life happens and we freak out. Or something in life doesn't happen and we start freaking out. I am confident that we have all had those thoughts cross our minds one time or 20 where we were sure that God either forgot about us, hasn't heard our prayers or wasn't going to answer them. Here we are freaking out waving our hands like, HELLO?!?! and there He is smiling saying,  "just wait my child, it's coming !"  Ahhh YES!!! I couldn't help but smile. I have had a few of those freak out moments recently and I can't tell you the j

Dirt, Tents & Campfires! Oh my!

I went camping. Like real camping. Not glamping. In a TENT. It all started as a dare last month during a Sunday night dinner at my parents house. Something came up about the smell of a campfire and how yummy it is and then the boys ran with it. Talking about how we need to go camping so I said, well then let's go! (totally kidding) and next thing I knew there was an email in my inbox from my dad saying that we were booked with the campground attached. Last Friday we packed up our cars hillbilly style, dropped son off at grandma and grandpas house and we were off! It's been 17 years since our family had been camping! We traded our tents in for hotel rooms and it will probably take me another 17 years to get back in a tent. Road Trip! On our way up the mountain Our campground was awesome, not going to lie. It was beautiful, the leaves were starting to change colors and there was a crisp in the air that we haven't had at home. That crisp in the air was

Kate Marie is 3!

Three years ago the Lord blessed us with an incredible gift on a rainy October day. That gift was you, Katelyn Marie. I sort of knew what I was in for when becoming a mommy, well actually I had no idea. I did not know that your heart could grow so much and love someone so tiny and whom you just met! Katelyn Marie, you rocked our world on the 7th of October in 2009 and our world hasn't been the same since. You are so full of love and joy, you have a zest for life that makes me want to see the world the way you do! Your heart is so soft and tender. I know where you go that from. You are a sweet friend, the best big sister, you adore old people and truly care for others. You are our little pistol and have a stubborn side which is a daily reminder that you're mine! Girl, the fits you can throw are impressive. But really I'm not impressed. You constantly want to learn, singing and dancing is a passion of yours which I love and once again, sorry I passed down my whit
....and now I want to get married all over again just to have another reception & DANCE! These past 5 years have been filled with so much love, joy, sadness, faith & strength that could only come from God. I love you more today than I did 5 years ago on that crisp October day when we said "I do". I love sharing my life with you and thank the Lord daily for making you for me! Happy 5 years my love..

8 months and smitten.

Our baby boy is turning into a little man. I am smitten. Can you see why?    This boy kills me!! Just when I think he can't get any gooshier, he does. Our sweet boy is not only sitting like a pro he is now.. CRAWLING! He's a crawling maniac!  I can't get over it.  My head can't wrap around the fact how fast babies grow. I could have 6 (which is not going to happen) & still be shocked. Will is a precious baby boy with the sweetest spirit. He loves to snuggle, give wet open mouth kisses & sleep! This boy who I thought would never sleep through the night is now an incredible sleeper (thanks to sleep training). He sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am usually waking up once around 5:30am for a bottle. He takes a morning nap and a really long afternoon nap.  And the boy who wouldn't eat solids is now packing it away and begs for our food, which he also loves. He will soon be eating us out of the house. The boy