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Day 25 : I'm thankful for my church. It is filled with believers and non-believers. It's a place where all are welcome and the Lord is changing lives and rocking worlds for the better.  So blessed to witness such love.    Day 26: I'm thankful for my MOPS group. I hardly know anyone but it has been a blessing to me, encouraging me and helping me be a better wife and mom.   Day 27:  I'm thankful for my vacuum. The clean freak in me couldn't live without it.   Day 28: I'm thankful for my new car. It is from some of the most precious people in my life and I smile every time I'm in it (which is a lot)! Thankful for all the room it has for our growing family. all of us girls got new wheels this summer Day 29 : I'm thankful for the million and one toys in the house. They are my sanity when I'm trying to cook a meal or get something done while the busy-butts are awake. Day 30: I'm thankful for November. To have a month
Day 20 : I'm thankful for Target. Because I mean really, what don't they have there?     Day 21: I'm thankful for my dad who's 53 years of life we just celebrated and just passed the 2 year mark being cancer free! Praying for many more blessed years with him! Day 22 : Words can't explain how thankful I am to be part of such an incredible family.  Our Thanksgiving was simple and so blessed.     Day 23: I'm thankful that God can change a heart of stone into something beautiful.  Day 24: I'm thankful for my little business which I started up in 2010. It has been a blessing. 
Day 14 : I am thankful for my job.  I have the best boss & although my clients may be a bit demanding  and exhausting at times, I love them with all that's within in me. It is the best job in the whole world. I did a big ol LOL at this. I mean what else would I be doing?? ;) Day 15 : I'm thankful that Chris had the opportunity to go back and get his Masters degree.  Although this time is not easy having him away it will be a blessing to our family when he is done.  Day 16: I'm thankful for our washer and dryer.  I do at least 2 loads a day, I can't imagine having to wash it all by hand!   Day 17:   I am thankful for the dreams that Chris and I have for our family. We feel the Lord moving us closer and closer to them daily.   Day 18: Thankful for rest that restores my tired body.   Day 19: I'm thankful for Kate's school. She only goes 2 days a week but it is a joy  watching her blossom even more and mak
Day 9: I'm thankful for date nights Reconnecting with my husband, it's so refreshing. Day 10: I'm thankful for retail therapy.    Day 11: I'm thankful for the power of prayer.  I have witnessed miracles before my eyes  & I know that there are many more to come.  Day 12: I'm thankful for my Monday morning Bible study girls.  I have never known a group of women like them  & I have never seen (with my own eyes)  God work though His people like I do through this group.    Day 13: I'm thankful for a messy house.  Did I just say that?  I'm thankful for it because it means my children are alive and well,  we are making memories and there is nothing sweeter than that.

9 months and counting

I am so behind on my monthly posts of son!  This little guy is busy! Where do I even begin this month? new funny face William is a speed crawler. I'm terrified for the day he finds his wheels and starts walking. I fear I will never be able to catch him! That day is drawing near as he pulls himself up on any piece of furniture he can get his hands on and will walk along the edge as he holds on. Is it bad that I want to gently knock him down to slow him down a bit? Our little man now has 6 teeth and is working on 2 more! Let me tell ya, 4 teeth in 2 weeks is not what I could consider fun! He was a champ and thank you Jesus for teething tablets. Will and Kate had their 9 month and 3 year appointments together and his stats showed what a big boy he is going to be! 19 pounds and in the 85% for height. Yay for tall people. Will joins us in every meal eating mostly what we eat. It is so awesome not doing purees all the time. The boy loves to eat. Apple doesn't fal
Day 7 : I am thankful that our parents live close and  are so willing to help me with the kids when I need a little break!   Day 8: I'm thankful for a cool rainy morning. There is something so refreshing about the rain that brings comfort to my soul.  
Day 4 : I am thankful for coffee and chocolate.  Long days & nights require lots & lots of coffee & chocolate!    Day 5 : I am thankful for our cozy little cottage.  It may be tiny but it's ours and it provides all we need to raise our family. Day 6 : I am thankful for my right to vote. We are blessed to live in a country where we can let our voices be heard. No matter who wins this Presidency,  we will respect them and be forever grateful that Jesus is still King! Weepublican for Romney!

Painting a masterpiece

I'm a very visual person. I am not one you give actual directions to. Tell me to turn left where the Krispy Kreme is at on the corner and a right by Starbucks and I'm there. I love to touch and feel clothes as I stroll through Nordstrom and Target. That's how I am. The Lord is gracious & knows that's how I learn best & so sweetly shows me things to get my attention.  As I was driving home from bible study this afternoon I couldn't help but notice this guy who was all up on my bumper. I was sure he would be in my back row if I braked hard enough. He wouldn't let up nor would he stop making sure I could see his face. He either really liked my political bumper sticker and wanted a close up of it or wasn't a fan and was letting me know. That's just my guess :) I was watching him almost non-stop in my review mirror making sure he wasn't going to hit me. Like that was doing any good, right?? There I was in my car on a busy road with a big o
Day 3: I am SO thankful for my darling husband. He works so hard for our family and never has he ever complained. Working full time at a very busy job and also going to school full time to get his Masters on top of being a loving husband and devoted daddy. He is my hunny pot, always filling me up with love and sweetness. I am so thankful that we are on this journey together, side by side.
It's November again and that makes my heart happy because it means FALL is here (but not really since I live in So Cal). It means that Christmas is coming which means it's about that time for the United States to freak out and become the ME Monster. It's all about ME, My parking spot, My plans, My time, My wants.. yadda yadda. When you hear that Christmas is a short 8 weeks away what is your first thought? Do you get warm and fuzzy thinking about the chill in the air, the lights on the tree, the smell of sugar baking in the kitchen, spending time with family and friends and celebrating the birth of our Savior? Or does the list start to unravel in your mind about A L L of the things you need to do before that blessed day arrives? Shopping, cooking, wrapping present, parties galore and non-stop madness? Isn't that how most of us tend to live our daily lives? We are SO caught up in the madness and the demands and expectations that this world deceives us of that


Last week we went down to Laguna with the entire family for a little photo shoot. It was..umm, entertaining. The beach with a toddler who just wanted to build sandcastles,  a little guy who was not diggin' the sand  and a group of grumpy adults who were hungry  and had sore feet from walking on the rocks barefoot. SO MUCH FUN! But we got some great shots! These are just from our camera,  can't wait to get the real ones back from the photographer! I'm so excited to finally have some real shots of us. The one of our fab 4 in the hospital bed after I gave birth with my cheeseburger in my hand wasn't cutting it for me.