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11 months.

11 months. My boy is weeks away from turning ONE. In a way I feel gypped. Where has the time gone?  So much has happened that I can hardly wrap my mind around it. This is the last month our baby boy is an infant. William Allan Marshall Andrews. My sonshine... You are working on your 8th tooth. You really have no interest in walking. You eat everything we eat, tons of it! You love playing with sissy and adore all of her toys! You love to sleep and need lots of it! You say mama, dada and badanujboi. If you hear the word "yay" you automatically start clapping. You're learning to wave hi and bye bye.. You love to dance. You give the best open mouth wet kisses ever! You are a precious gift. I thank the Lord for sending you to us daily.  Love you, sweet baby boy.   1st Christmas

This Christmas

It's hard to believe that Christmas 2012 has come and gone.  We enjoyed every bit of the season with lots of traditions... and even started a new one! Last week we went to "The North Pole" with the Golinos to visit Santa and Mrs. Clause  and brrr was it cold there! so excited to get on the train to the North Pole! on our way! The girls meeting Santa Rach and I and our fab 4. Kate asked Santa for gummy worms and a scooter.  I have no idea where that came from...  We requested that Santa send a helper to keep  an eye on Kate to make sure she would make the nice list. This little guy named Rusty appeared at our house early December.  He was a busy little elf who was all over our house watching  little miss busy butt.   Christmas morning came & Santa
Wishing y'all a warm, blessed Christmas filled with sweet peace & love. PS. This is our card in case you were looking for one in your mailbox.  Yay for Ecards!

Eat yourself skinny

I am 7 pounds away from getting back to pre-kids weight and even with all the Christmas goodies, I am determined to shed these pounds before the new year. I love to eat y'all. Like it's my favorite hobby. Being so close to my goal weight is so sweet yet I feel like I'm running a marathon and the finish line is out of sight. I am working with my favorite foods and compromising if you will. Trying to find alternatives that still let me enjoy what I'm eating but are better for my body. I'm a comfort food kind of girl and I love pancakes. Pancakes for breakfast, dinner, whatever I love them. Did you know that it only takes 2 ingredients to make some pretty delicious pancakes? 1 RIPE BANANA + 2 EGGS      Seriously.  Smash your ripe banana until it looks sort of like thick applesauce.  Mix your two eggs in.  Spray your pan, pour mixture in, cook until brown on each side.  and  BOOM!  All Natural. 248 calories per serving and 14 grams of protei