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Water break.

2013 arrived and I felt like we hit the pavement running. This is going to be a big year for our family in so many ways and I already find myself with my jaw to the ground amazed at all that has already been done. I have to remind myself daily that this isn't a marathon and not everything is going to happen at once, I need to slow it down a little and enjoy each mark and not try to race to the finish line.  I can't wait to share all that is going on and the incredible work that the Lord has already done and is doing. That time will come but right now we really feel like we're supposed to be still and content with where we are at in all aspects of our life and as we continue to wait on the Lord and following His leading we will get to where we're supposed to be in His perfect timing!  I've had days recently where I feel like my head is spinning. There is so much going on, so much we want to do, decisions that need to be made, life changes big and small and y

Happy Day!

A year ago on January 21st, 2012 - our life was forever changed. A little blonde hair, blue eyed boy was born and my heart hasn't been the same since. William Allan Marshall Andrews. 6 pounds and 14 ounces of pure sunshine. Your sister is the pitter and you are the patter to my heart. The timing of your birth could not have been more perfect. You were the light in the darkness that was all around us. And son, you haven't stopped shining since that day. You are my angel pie.. my wild man.. boomers.. the willster.. our little man.. and my sonshine. This past year with you has flown by yet we feel like we've known you our entire life. You're an incredible child, a precious gift from the Lord. We are so thankful that He sent you to us to take care of us raise. And while I wish we could keep you tiny forever, we are thrilled to watch you grow and thrive into the little man that Go

Back where I belong.

I just returned back to So Cal from an awesome girls trip Nashville, Tennessee. My mom, sister and I flew out to spend 5 days with our family there and to soak in the southern hospitality and all it has to offer. From the minute we landed to the second we took off, my little southern heart was home. We celebrated my birthday at Cancun, the best Mexican food I've ever had, which seems funny! We drove down beautiful back roads listening to country music. Pretty sure that is the most natural feeling. The wide open spaces, farm houses, the charming little cottages and the gorgeous cities we drove through were breathtaking. Liepers fork and Franklin are at the top of my list. We might have done a little house hunting! {wink} We visited the Loveless Cafe not once or twice but three times! Their homemade biscuits are to die for. I'm pretty sure they are missing us and wondering where we've gone. The pie lady made the Goo Goo Cluster pie for me on Friday. I've been d