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Love wins

I, along with the rest of Orange County woke up to news of a shooting spree that happened and ended a few blocks away from my parents house this morning. The news is depressing, not even sure why I let myself turn it on. There is so much evil in this world. Why don't they ever share the happy and encouraging stories? Will people not be as intrigued? I don't get it. I had a decision to make this morning. I could either be discouraged and upset about the madness that is going on all around me or I could put my head up and be a light that this dark world needs. I went on with our typical morning and had breakfast and got the kids ready for the day. Will and I dropped Kate off at school and did our errands and instead of heading back home I felt like I was supposed to do something nice for someone. I took the easy route with a little guy in tow and headed to my local drive-thru Starbucks (which isn't so local). There was a long line of cars and just as I was about to turn aro