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Treasure in my boxes

Life right now pretty much consists of making meals, changing diapers, preschool, swim lessons, sorting, throwing out and packing. I know packing might sound crazy since we aren't moving for another two months and have another year until we make the trek cross country but there is a lot of work that is involved. We are packing for two moves. One here in California, the things we need on a day to day or random basis and the other half is getting sort and packed for storage to send to Tennessee. We're sort of getting ruthless if you will, the last thing we want to do is haul a bunch of crap across the country only to get rid of it once we arrive. The daily grind of this is tiring and I'm already over it but I keep reminding myself of what's to come and keeping my eye on that prize!  The garage has been our main focus since that's pretty much where everything is. It's Chris' space and he does not run a tight ship like I do inside. {wink} So, clearly it'

The start of a new story..

I'm back! Had to push myself through boxes and piles of stuff to get here, but I'm back! This past month has been a whirlwind. A good kind of whirlwind, but also the kind where you crawl into bed each night and thank the sweet Lord that it's time to rest. I do love that the last post I wrote was about my box. So fitting, since that is what I have been working on since I was here last. I don't even know where to start. If you follow me on social media you've probably figured out that we're moving. If not, SURPRISE! We have sold our precious little cottage that sits here in sunny Southern California and are about to embark on a new adventure. I am so giddy that I haven't even had time to sit and be sad about leaving this cute place where our story began. We are in escrow and are scheduled to close in just a couple of weeks, at the end of this month! So, where are we going? That is the question we get asked all the time. Have we bought another house? We