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Peace, love and mommy on

:::I'm up on my soapbox:::   Mommy wars.  I am pretty sure every mom can attest to this. Whether you're a brand new mom or a seasoned one, you've experienced mommy wars.  From opinions, to mean words, to being judged for the way you mommy, even down to the car you drive. They are so real and it breaks my heart that this is the society we live in. Since when did one mom become better than the one next to her? Us moms know how to run our mouths. Starting even before the babies are born! Are you going to take a Lamaze class? Oh, you're going to go all natural, huh? Cloth diapers? Baby wearing? Nursing? Epidural, what?! It's in our face and the opinions, judgements and running our mouths needs to stop. How about once the babies get here? If you dare say the word formula you know judgement is coming. You mean you don't exclusively nurse your baby?! Or if you nurse without a cover, you know people are looking at you crazy. Pacifiers or no pacifiers. To vaccin

Country Girl

We're back home from our summer travels. But not really. We spent a long weekend in Tennessee last week and part of me is still there. Have you ever been somewhere and it just feels like home even if it really isn't home ? That's how it is for me in Nashville. I can't describe the feeling other than it just feels where I belong. It's my happy place and it was so awesome taking the kids and seeing them in the place we will soon call home. Kate has not stopped talking about it since we've been back and wants to know when we get to move there forever. on our way! We landed and headed straight for the family house. There is nothing like having everyone all together. The newest member of our family was there waiting for us and I could hardly contain myself. 3 week old William Coleman, my cousins baby. A precious bundle who we have prayed for, for years! I cried and thanked Jesus for his precious life as I held him. My other cousin is due in a couple weeks w

Aloha summer

Summer break felt like it was 2 weeks long due to moving and my man in grad school. We were able to sneak away while he had a couple weeks off school and found ourselves in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, lounging on Maui. Lounging on Maui with a three year old and a one year old of course means laying on the lounge chair for 5 minutes and negotiating with the three year old every 2 minutes to wait 7 more minutes to go build a sand castle and in the other 3 minutes you're trying to convince your one year old to sit in the shade and play with the toys. Yeah, something like that. But really, it was an incredible trip. The kids were fabulous minus a few moments here and there but come on, they're kids and trying to tell them to cheer up because we're in Maui didn't seem to matter one bit. We are so thankful for the amazing memories that were made with my family and feel so blessed that our kids are getting to grow up and experience the same kind of trips that I g