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Country Girl

We're back home from our summer travels. But not really. We spent a long weekend in Tennessee last week and part of me is still there. Have you ever been somewhere and it just feels like home even if it really isn't home? That's how it is for me in Nashville. I can't describe the feeling other than it just feels where I belong. It's my happy place and it was so awesome taking the kids and seeing them in the place we will soon call home. Kate has not stopped talking about it since we've been back and wants to know when we get to move there forever.

on our way!

We landed and headed straight for the family house. There is nothing like having everyone all together. The newest member of our family was there waiting for us and I could hardly contain myself. 3 week old William Coleman, my cousins baby. A precious bundle who we have prayed for, for years! I cried and thanked Jesus for his precious life as I held him. My other cousin is due in a couple weeks with a baby boy. Do y'all know how exciting this is for us?! Our babies have cousins who they are going to get to grow up with. This is just way too much fun. 

We spent our first evening all together at Cancun, a hole in the wall best mexican food ever. Beats anything I've ever had in Mexico and California. It's the cheese. And I hear all the mexican restaurants in TN have "the cheese". Oh dear Lord, bless my thighs and my butt when we move there.  I was seriously drunk off the cheese sauce and left my fat pants at home. Bad idea.

The goal of this trip, besides spending sweet time with family was to narrow down our town search and figure out what amount of land we want for the real search that is coming up this next Spring/Summer. So, to start that we of course had to kick it off with a fabulous breakfast at the one and only Loveless Cafe. Biscuits, bacon and cheese hash bown casserole, c'mon! {I promise we didn't plan this trip around the food}
 ::giggle snort:: ok, maybe we did. 

Bellies full and we were off, going down gorgeous back country roads on the hunt for our town. We went through Forest Hills, College Grove, Thompsons Station and of course Franklin. Our desire is to have "country living in the city". We looked at a home in Thompsons Station that sat on 5 acres, had a pond and a cute house. It was extremely charming and part of that country lifestyle appealed to me but as I stood in the backyard and surveyed the land and thought about nighttime, it just didn't seem as charming to me. Maybe because I'm from California and no matter how nice of a neighborhood you live in, you have to keep every door double locked and well... you just don't trust anybody. So having 5 acres which seemed like 30 to this Southern California girl was a bit terrifying to me. I also love how most people in TN don't even lock their doors!? They'll all know where we're from when we move in and have locks and fences around everything. Lord, help me. 
the 5 acre house

Another house we saw was down the street in College Grove. I had been stocking it like a crazy woman online since April. Another thing I learned, pictures can be so deceiving. Oh my gosh. This house was from 1900. Awesome house except it literally had hills throughout the house. Like you'd walk up and down on the wood floors. All I could see was dollar signs. That's bad. It had a guest cottage on the property that was from the 1800s and was on almost 6 acres. The backyard was gorgeous but all I could see was mountain lions and wild animals coming out at night. Someone bless my little city girl heart. I'm going to need therapy when I'm out of this So Cal bubble. 

113 years old!
 So, a couple of things I learned real quick..

1. I don't want to live way out in the country. I want to have neighbors but don't want to be able to shake their hands out my bathroom window. 

2.I'm scared of a forest being part of my backyard.

3. Old homes are charming but um, not for me.

After our afternoon out on Saturday we went back to the house and I got online looking for more houses. I was looking for that one. You know where you can just see yourself making a life and settling in? It didn't take but a minute for one to pop up and I was instantly in love. I immediately sent it to our agent, which side note if you live in the Nashville/Franklin area I have an awesome realtor. He got it set up for us to see on Sunday...and from the minute we drove up, I was in love. It wasn't the style of house I saw myself in but it was beautiful nonetheless and my cheeks hurt when we left it from smiling so BIG. It sat on an acre in a beautiful established neighborhood and had everything I love. Big rooms, a beautiful kitchen, a screened in porch that overlooked the backyard, a laundry room, a play room, a basement, 5 bedrooms and a whole lot of room for our family to grow and live. Part of me wanted to cry right there because I knew the timing wasn't right and the house wouldn't be ours. But the other part of me is so excited because I feel like it was the Lord's way of showing us that He has something SO good in store for us, that this house was just a glimpse. Oh, I can hardly wait!

more things we learned that trip...

4. We don't need a ton of land, our search has now gone down to 1 acre minimum (as long as it backs up to trees) {not a full on forest!}

5. Franklin is where we want to settle into. 

6. Driving down back country roads with country music blasting is the best thing in the world. 

The rest of our time was spent by the pool enjoying our time with sweet family and talking about the days ahead. We love to dream big dreams so I suggested we buy a big piece of land and split it up so each family can build on it and we'll build one huge pool in the center of the compound. People might think we're weird but I'm down. 
But in terms of reality, we can hardly wait to spend our days together, floating on the lakes, getting a boat and making so many memories together. Such sweet days ahead, these are just the beginning. 

The grandmas with their Williams!

It was hard to leave after such a quick trip but I'll be back  in less than 2 months. It was an awesome time but now that we're back home in Cali I am reminded to enjoy where we are right now. To soak up our time here with our precious friends and family and continue to check things off our bucket list. 

A very fitting verse that is on the forefront of my mind daily..

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything!"
Philippians 4:6


What a wonderful trip!!! And I wouldn't blame you for planning around food! I WOULD! =)
So glad you got some clarity and decided on exactly what you want!!! Can not wait to see this house the Lord is preparing for you guys!!!

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