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10 weeks

Just a couple more weeks left until I'm in the 2nd trimester, so excited to start feeling better but trying to hang on and savor everyday with this baby in my belly. I am one of those girls who loves being pregnant and the thought of labor and delivery excites me. I love it all. I'm definitely starting to feel better, still have yucky moments but in all I am doing so much better! I have been raiding the grocery store for gummy bears and Doritos. My other crazy love is cheeseburgers from IN N OUT and cheese popcorn. This pregnancy is so different than the other two. I had a great doctors appointment on Friday, got to hear baby 3.0s heartbeat racing at 170 beats per minute and got to see him/her on an ultrasound. I think that's when it really hit me that there's really another baby on the way. Got to see the babe wiggle around and stretch out it's legs and arms. We are just so thankful for this little life and thrilled to be adding one more to our sweet family.


I'm feeling like I'm short on words these days and always forget what I'm about to say, so before I forget I thought I'd share with y'all that our family is continuing to grow! Baby Andrews 3.0 is on the way and is due early June!!! Hence the pregnancy brain. We are so excited and feel so blessed to have another bundle of sweet joy on the way. Since life isn't crazy enough with Chris gone 70% of the time, living with the in-laws and a cross county move on the horizon we decided to go for it and be totally crazy. If all goes as planned we will be packing up and moving all our stuff + a preschooler + a toddler + a newborn across the country and trying to settled into a new home and a whole new world. And we seriously couldn't be more excited or ready. So yes, this baby was planned and already loved and adored.  Kate is so excited to be a big sister again, I can't wait to watch her in action this time around. Will has no idea what's coming and I