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Going backwards now. 10...9...8...

Weeks: 30 --- T H I R T Y --- how in the world did i get here already? Cravings:  Meat. I'm all over red meat and ribs right now. And everything else in sight. Food Aversions: Nothing, dang it! Heartbeat: high 150's Gender : precious baby BOY! Extras: Feeling pretty good. Sore, tired and STARVING all day. Sleep is a joke. Between getting up to pee who knows how many times a night and flopping over from side to side 23212 times I wake up asking God for more energy and more sleep because I need lots of it! I'm up 17 pounds, still fit in regular pants which is funny because all my fat is going to my butt and my face. I live in stretchy work out pants, a great way to feel a little bit better about myself...Like I really work out! hahaha Cannot believe our newest little buddy will be here in less than 10 weeks!!!!!!! How big is baby 3.0? Mason James is about 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds! For the next 8 weeks he'll be packing on about a half a pound