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Sneak Peek...

Here are a few shots of our new home. Part of the front of the house the view out our front door our neighborhood  the mountain of trees is what we see out our front door view from the living room into the family room the dining room the breakfast nook off the kitchen    the kids play room {with built in toy boxes!!} There is a whole separate living area downstairs that includes a master suite with a huge walk in closet, bathroom, a family room, kitchen area, a movie theater room and a tornado shelter room.  That alone is bigger than our little So Cal cottage.  We're so excited about this area, it's the perfect spot for guests! The backyard We had a long list of things we wanted in our Southern home.  5 bedrooms, a bonus room, laundry room, all of the bedrooms on the same floor, a 3 car garage, a big yard for the kids...This house has all of that and more.  It feels like this home was built for us.  I

a treasure hunt...

It's been a while since I've updated about the journey that we're on. So much has happened since I last posted. I feel like bubbles of joy are bubbling out of me so I can't hold it in any longer.  We just passed the year mark of moving out of our cottage and moving into my in-laws house. Seriously can't believe how fast that year went by! We are also down to one week left of grad school. It's been a LONG 2.5 years and now we're down to a week of having this chapter behind and having my man back! ONE MORE WEEK!! We so can do this!!!  As most of you know we sold our home with the end goal to move our family across the country and settle down and plant our roots in Tennessee. There was a list of things that needed/need to happen in order to pack up a truck and head to the south and start a new life. We are now at the very END of that long check list.  Chris started the job search a month ago (but started reaching out to recruiters 6 months ago!) He got ca