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Oh hey, we live in Tennessee now.

It's been almost F I V E whole months since I've peeked at my blog. I do have a good excuse for being away but I have missed sitting down, gathering my thoughts and writing here. Since I last wrote my husband and dad drove 2,000 miles and moved our cars and everything we own from California to Tennessee. My mom and I flew for 4 VERY LONG hours with the 3 kids. I was ready for a martini before we even got on the plane. It was crazy and so was the next month. We arrived and boxes upon boxes upon boxes were everywhere. We had an amazing crew here and had everything unpacked in the first 3 days. I made countless trips to Target and the grocery store to fill our house with all the everyday essentials. I'm pretty sure the credit card company thought we bought the entire Target corporation after all my trips there. Yikes.  I'll never forget though, waking up on our first morning after maybe 3 hours of sleep and answering our door at 7:30am to our next door neighb