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Walkin' on water..

Spring has arrived in Tennessee.. it's more beautiful than I could have imagined. I've been here in the spring and thought it was amazing but nothing compares to living in it day in and day out. Incredible. I find myself driving the back roads daily for some quiet, clear my mind, praying out loud kind of moments. In those quiet moments I do a ton of thinking and the one thing that has been on my heart and my mind everyday is this simple question..  Why do we keep quiet and try to get through struggles on our own?  There is also the other extreme where people air every thought and emotion on social media and that is not necessary. But the tough things in life that may come our way at once point or another; infertility, miscarriages, sickness, job loss, heartbreak..Why don't we talk about them more? It's almost as if speaking about any of those shows weakness of some sort. That is a LIE! Heck, I had a miscarriage almost 7 years ago and I tried keeping it quiet