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Walkin' on water..

Spring has arrived in Tennessee.. it's more beautiful than I could have imagined. I've been here in the spring and thought it was amazing but nothing compares to living in it day in and day out. Incredible.

I find myself driving the back roads daily for some quiet, clear my mind, praying out loud kind of moments. In those quiet moments I do a ton of thinking and the one thing that has been on my heart and my mind everyday is this simple question..
 Why do we keep quiet and try to get through struggles on our own? 
There is also the other extreme where people air every thought and emotion on social media and that is not necessary. But the tough things in life that may come our way at once point or another; infertility, miscarriages, sickness, job loss, heartbreak..Why don't we talk about them more? It's almost as if speaking about any of those shows weakness of some sort. That is a LIE!

Heck, I had a miscarriage almost 7 years ago and I tried keeping it quiet until every thing I watched on TV had something to do with a baby and I lost it. I finally talked about my loss and my heartache...and you know what happened? Healing. Friends and family gathered around and lifted me up in prayer. They were the wind beneath my wings when I forgot how to fly.

We are in a different season now, one that may seem "embarrassing" to others to talk about publicly but that's the last thing we or anyone else walking in the same shoes should feel. My husband is currently unemployed. ::gasp:: Yes, we are aware that we have three children, a dog and a home which we are responsible for. Yes, in our flesh it is terrifying to "think" about and it would be really nice to have a glimpse into the near future but then why would we need God? The truth is, we don't have this. He does.
You want to hear something ever crazier? We are grateful that he lost his job. So many prayers have been answered through this that we are blown away. I'm not here to bash on the company or the dude who let him go but I will tell you that he was let go for "cultural differences", for going to church on Sunday mornings and not going into the office until noon on Sundays. We just came out of tax season where Chris worked 7 days a week from January 20th to April 15th. There was no break, no rest, no relief until 8pm on April 15th. Praise the Lord!

So there's that... fast forward to now, it's almost been a month and I would be absolutely lying if I said that I haven't been stressed out or worried. Those thoughts come in my mind daily, almost hourly and it's a constant battle between my mind and my spirit. If there is one thing I DO know it's that we serve a God who is unchanging, even when our circumstances change. We serve a God who is faithful! Who provides for our every need even though we are so undeserving. This is an extremely humbling, not embarrassing place to be. This is our season of rest, to enjoy being together as a family in our new home in our new state. It is a time to remember that everything we own is from God, and how quickly He can give and take away. He doesn't take away to punish but to bring us to our knees with our eyes completely fixed on Him and His will for our life. It's a walk of faith... a chance to grow and blossom. It is not easy but either is this life and I cannot imagine going about it without God's peace and strength and joy that is only possible through Him!

And can I just say that even with no money coming in, we have never felt more free or more joy than waking up as a family each day and basking in the sweet blessings that just being together brings. That alone is a gift straight from Heaven!!

Is there something that you're going through that has you stressed, worried, heartbroken or feeling lost? You are absolutely not alone. We are not to go through these sort of trials alone. We can't fix it on our own nor should we even try to. Start with reaching out to someone you trust. If you don't know God or even straight up don't believe in Him, find someone who you do know that is a believer. You don't have to ask for prayer but get your burden off your heart so healing can begin...and know that you will be covered in prayer. It's the safest place to be. There have been days when I don't even have the words to get out but the silent prayers and knowing that others are next to us lifting us up have gotten us through. Don't go another day doing this alone. May we be a people who others know they can come to, may that turn into a community and a community that spreads across the world, hands help up and out for our brother and sisters who are hurting, who need to know they will taken care of, to be reminded that their joy will be restored, that their suffering will turn into strength. May we be those kind of people.

I want to end this by thanking each one of you who reached out on Instagram, facebook, text messages and emails after I shared about this walk of faith that we are on. Your encouraging words made my heart leap! It's as if my bones were strengthened which lead to me being able to uplift my husband. And as I said the other stake is in the ground. We are staying focused on all the joys and blessings, because fear and worry are not from the Lord, they only equal lack of faith and my God moves mountains!! So onward we go!!!

We be walkin on water.


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Unknown said…
I tried to leave a comment before but somehow I deleted it...

Just want to say how much I enjoyed your post. It's nice to know that others go through the same storms as we do. When we moved to Tennessee we moved on complete faith. My husband had no job. We only had a place to live. But after a lot of prayer we knew this is what we were meant to do.
He had his own business in California and he wanted to continue that here. He could have worked for a big company making great money but that would take him away from his family. We knew God would open doors and so far his business is picking up and God has provided.

Always remember God will see you through. In just the right time. Keep having faith. I will keep your family in my prayers.

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