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The hills are alive........

Spring has come and gone. Summer came and is quickly slipping away. So many times I have come to sit down in my little white chair at the desk to come and blog but wasn't quite ready. There were parts in me that were so raw and I was afraid to sit and run my mouth. But I was my white chair, silently still. Asking the Lord to quiet my heart and zip my lips because He was and is taking me deeper....still.

These past 4 months have been an incredible blessing. It was hard to see the blessing of having my husband home without a job most days. Thoughts of fear and frustrations were trying to take over. I think anything and everything that was negative flew through my mind one day or another. They were all lies from the enemy. Every single one of them. There were days where I would literally be on the floor in tears, I was living in fear. That is where the devil wants us. To make us think and believe that God does not have good for us, that He doesn't hear the cries of our hearts, that we have been forgotten. L. I. E. S. every one of them.

Once I finally got my act together and realized that where we were in that very moment was exactly where God wanted us, there was freedom. It was if a layer had been stripped away and I could see again. It was all clear. God did have good for us! Those four months with no income or health insurance brought us to our knees, deeper in our faith and completely dependent on Jesus. That's where He wanted us. With our heads lifted and our eyes on Him. Since that July day, my steak has been in the ground...claiming God's goodness, thanking Him for all that we DO have and living for today and the joys that it brought.

How foolish we are to look ahead and worry about all the what if's. It's like driving down a long windy back road and being so concerned about what's a mile or two ahead and losing track of what is in front of us in that very moment. Missing all the beauty that is right there and wondering and worrying about what is ahead. Let us not miss out on the JOYS and BLESSINGS that today is full of because we're worrying about tomorrow or next month. I learned a huge lesson.

 God's plans are so much better. How good we are at trying to change the route and handle things on our own. Another lesson learned, keep your heart open and be flexible.

More joys and answered prayers that happened during Chris' time off of work:

My sister got married!!!
We flew out to California for 10 days + got to spend time with so many of our friends + family!

Mason James turned ONE!

My parents and sister and brother in law all moved to Tennessee in July!
 Instead of being 2,000 miles apart, we're only 7 miles down the road now. 

We snuck in a little family vacation to Georgia before Chris started work + the kids started school

All of these beautiful blessings and joys and I was discouraged and grumpy! 
Do not fall into that trap sweet friends. 
Keep going, keep moving, keep believing, keep smiling..
just keep going!!!

Do you have a dream that feels too big? Keep dreaming! Keep it alive!
 The Lord does not put dreams in our hearts to discourage us but to bring us to a place of faith and dependence on Him!  Keep moving. Keep your head up! That molehill that you feel trapped in? He wants to make that a mountain and put you on top of it. You have a problem? Or a fear? Of course you do, we're all human! But guess what, our God is greater that it all!!!!

Keeping moving y'all. 
I feel like I'm running on the top of the greenest highest hill
{you know, Sound of Music style}
We got to this place but the goodness and graciousness of God.
I want to soak it all up.
Another molehill will come, and that's ok.
Because He is taking me deeper, still.


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