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Showing posts from December, 2015
Oh what a year. I don't feel the urge to recap the past 12 months. It's been a very big year. I feel that our faith has been taken to a whole new level. Like we have our boots pulled up and we aren't wavering when fears or problems arise.  Our God is BIGGER than them all. We've learned that quite well in many different ways in 2015. We've also learned that God is incredibly faithful and He has good in every single circumstance. I see life through a new lens. Perspective. Attitude. Gratitude.  When you change your perspective and look at things with a positive attitude, you find matter what comes your way. We've been taken deep into the waters and put back on a mountain top. We've gone down to the waters to be with dear friends and climbed back up on the mountain to rejoice. You see, sometimes down deep in the water is right where we're supposed to be. Completely and totally dependent on the Lord. He won'