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Showing posts from July, 2016
::tap:: ::tap:: Is this thing still on? Is anyone here? My microphone is a little dusty. It's been a while since I've found myself here. I do miss sitting down to write here. I've been using instagram as my "blog" for the past couple of years. Social media will do that to you. It's so much easier to tap on the camera on my phone, upload a picture and share my thoughts or post a memory that I'll find myself scrolling back to look at a few months from now. Life has been busy. It's been messy and loud. But it's been so wonderful. Learning to carve out time to stop and slow down. Mornings around here these days are slow. That will change next week when the school bus shows up at 7:33. ::where's the "omg face" emoji? But that's what our summer has been filled with. Slow mornings, wild afternoons and a Sunday that is our sabbath. It's ours, its family time and we slow down and savor our day together before a