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Trust your gut

If you've followed me on Instagram for a while you've seen that I've been struggling with pain, nausea and some other lovely side effects every single time I put something in my mouth. 😭
I've been in the ER, to a specialist and was about to go in for a hidascan before I canceled it 20 hours before I was to go in. 
I was uneasy about the scan in the first place. I knew it was going to show issues with my gallbladder. I had every symptom. I also knew that the next step after the scan was surgery to remove my gallbladder. I know it's an organ that isn't quite necessary but being a mom with 4 small babes, surgery wasnt the best option. 
I mean it would be nice to have an excuse to lay around for a bit but let's be real, that wouldn't even happen. 🤦🏼‍♀️ #momlife
I felt this super strong thing come over me the morning before to scan telling me to cancel it and change my lifestyle a bit. 
I love food y'all. That's no surprise. I have 17 pounds to lose to get back to pre-kids body. #jesustakethewheel
Anyway, I am all for doing things naturally (besides giving birth. Gimme all the epidurals)
My diet has been in desperate need of some help and this kicked my rolls into gear. 
I've cut gluten and dairy out of my diet these past two weeks. Not completely, like 80% which is HUGE for me. 
Surprisingly it hasn't been hard. There are so many awesome gluten free options out there. The key is staying away from all the processed stuff. 
I was still having pain even with the diet change so I did some more research. 
I came across this gallbladder cleanse and y'all, it changed my life. Not kidding. 
After 3 days of the cleanse my pain was gone and it hasn't come back! I was skeptical but was desperate. I'll link it here in case you're ever in need like I was! 
Gallbladder Complete Cleanse

I've also added collagen peptides by vital proteins to my daily diet. I add a scoop in my coffee or protein shake every morning (I only do 1 scoop a day). I started this because it is wonderful for digestive health along with muscle and joint health which I'm also in need of! I've seen these everywhere from Sprout and Whole Foods to Amazon where I bought mine and added to my monthly order! 

Moral of the story?
Trust your gut and take care of it. 

I'll always enjoy my favorite treats but in moderation from here on out. 

I'm feeling SO much better!!
I took "before" pictures two weeks ago and will share them after my 30 days of this lifestyle change. 

Halloween candy is cramping my style right now but I'm determined to push through. 

Stay well friends. 
Do something for you this week. 



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