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Family Room DIY makeover

Remember that one time my husband bought a tv wall mount and then I decided we needed a new tv stand? And then it made me realize our dark furniture would look way better if I lightened it up? And then it was time to get rid of the old dark throw pillows and dark rug? And then all of a sudden that fireplace looked so out of place. So we gutted it. 
All because we put the tv on the wall! 

Here’s a little walk down our DIY family room makeover. 


I started with this old corner cabinet that i got for free years ago and painted chocolate brown. 
I dusted her off and went to town with chalk paint. 

Then I got rid of the old dark rug and started changing out our throw pillows. 

Then it was onto the fireplace. 

Chris took out part of the wood floor to extend the floor of the tiny fireplace. 

We also cleaned out the fireplace and sprayed it with cream paint that can withstand 1,200 degree temperatures. 
And then we sucked out the old volcano rock and put in this
fire glass from amazon.

The thin brick vaneer is from Lowe’s 

After nearly a month of working on this after the kids when to bed at night we are DONE! I love it even more than I envisioned when we started this project. 




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