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Recipe for the best ribs ever.

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Gordon Food Service. I used to pass by it weekly and wonder what the heck was in there. Do yourself a favor and look them up ASAP and see if there is one close to you. I am a fan for life! As a busy mom who loves to cook and make delicious meals but also needs to stay on budget, I can do it all with Gordon’s Food Service! If you have a big family or throw parties, this is the place to shop.  We just did an end of summer party and I bought everything here. The meat selection in fresh and frozen is wonderful.  And you see those peanut butter krispies?  To die for!  In the frozen section. Thank me later.  You know our deep love for ribs.  Chris does them like no other.  So I thought I’d finally share our recipe.  All of our items are from Gordon’s Food Service Store.  (Recipe will be posted below) Ribs are prepped for the oven.  After 4+ hours in the oven the ribs go on the grill.  Toss on a little extra seasoning and sauce for this part.